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Women and Money Workshop October 2015

Women and Money

What’s Holding Women Back from Financial Prosperity?

Research shows that what holds many women back has little to do with their intelligence, motivation or spirit—but it has to do with their relationship to money. Many women:

  • Privately struggle with valuing themselves and their worth;
  • Question whether they are truly good enough, deserving enough and worthy enough; and
  • Feel guilty for wanting more—questioning, “Who am I to even think I can be a million dollar business owner?”

This can affect your results and ability to get to the next level of your business and accomplish your big vision and mission.

If You’re Ready To Have More Financial Prosperity and Social Impact in Your Business and Life…Then This Workshop Women and Money is for YOU!!!

Learn to create a more successful and fluid relationship with money. Discovering your deeper feelings about money will not only help you make better financial decisions and life choices, it also will teach you much about yourself.

Here are some of the things you can explore in the Women and Money Workshop

  • Do you pretend to have more than you actually have or hide your wealth from others?
  • Do you think about money matters more—or less—than you would like?
  • Do you spend money you don’t have or have trouble spending the money you do have?
  • Do you have a hard time buying things for yourself?
  • Do you fight with others about money?
  • Are you envious of what others appear to have?
  • Do money worries keep you up at night?

Empowering your relationship with money is the starting point and foundation to achieving the financial prosperity and success you desire—enabling you to become the change maker and leader you know deep within your soul you’re meant to be.

The sooner you empower your relationship with money, the more easily you will be able to take bold actions because the world needs your gifts, the messages you have to share, and the impact you can make. Imagine the possibilities….

Date: 17 Otober 2015 9.00- 17.00

Cost: R1,500.00

Venue: Isisango: The Gateway Convention Centre 206 Rosies Place, Midrand

For bookings contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 084 564 6511

This is not a financial training course—it is a chance to become more courageous and aware in relation to money.

Thuli Sithole

Thuli is renowned for speaking to audiences in fields of inspiration, personal growth and mastery, business and wealth creation. She has share a stage with top speakers and brands such as Robin Banks and Richard Brandson, Billie Selekane and Oprah Winfrey.

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