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The Confessions of Young Nero

READ The Confessions of Young Nero DOWNLOAD ☆ The Confessions of Young Nero READ & DOWNLOAD Î INSPIRECONSULTING.CO.ZA Ý Margaret George Ce in the palace featuring himself as Jupiter Sometimes it was harmless like the playacting other times it ended with the death of the helpless person he had sent for So Nerolet us call him that to avoid confusion just as I call Caligula Caligula rather than Gaius Caesar Germanicuswas precocious in recognizing the danger of the serpent in his uncleAh such memories Here in my cell I find myself returning to them helping the hours to pass until that moment when Galba sends for me with a task I know he will Chapter IINeroThe moon was round and full It shone on the flat surface of the lake which was also round making it appear that the moon itself had expanded and enlarged itself there It rose golden from the encircling hills but soon was a bright white ball high aboveIt illuminated the wide deck of the ship I was to sit beside my uncle and listen to him intoning praise to the goddess Diana whose sanctuary was on the shore of the lake and to whom the lake itself was sacredI remember the flame of the torches that threw a flickering red light on the faces around me in contrast to the clear bluish white moonlight bathing the wider scene My uncles face looked not like a humans but like a demons with a burning hueThese are all impressions memories that swirl without being attached to anything The reflection on the waterthe torchesthe thin reedy voice of my unclethe nervous laughter around methe chill in the airI was only three years old so it is no wonder my memories are disconnectedThen his face shoved up into mine his silky voice saying What shall I do with the bitchs whelp More nervous laughter His rough hands grabbed my shoulders and hauled me up my legs dangling helplesslyI shall sacrifice him to the goddess He strode over to the rail and held me over the rippling water I can still see the undulation of the reflected moonlight waiting for me She wants a human sacrifice and whatworthy than this kin of mine descendant of the divine Augustus Only the best for Diana and perhaps a propitiation for the.


READ The Confessions of Young Nero DOWNLOAD ☆ The Confessions of Young Nero READ & DOWNLOAD Î INSPIRECONSULTING.CO.ZA Ý Margaret George Lapse of Augustus who preferred to worship her brother Apollo There you go And I was flung out over the water landing with a splash cold cold and I sank unable to swim or even cry out Then strong hands grasped me pulled me mercifully out of the water and I could breathe I was hauled onto the deck where my uncle stood hands on hips laughingBetter luck next time eh Chaerea You are too softhearted to rescue such flotsam Anything born of my sister can come to no goodAISE FORTHE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO Georges reconstruction of the man in terms both of his public life and private character isthan a revisiting of fact Its a subtle exploration of identity and the insidious effects of powerConfessions is all about identity How is it made lost reinvented Margaret George occupies that blurry space between history and fiction And between Tacitus and Margaret George I rather think its Georges account that is not only most sympathetic but most truthfulDiana Gabaldon Washington Post Margaret George has performed about the most audacious act imaginable for a historical novelistan epic work of fiction not merely sympathetic to Nero but told largely in his own voice I applaud And so I imagine does that connoisseur of the arts Nero watching from ElysiumSteven Saylor author of Roma The Novel of Ancient RomeGeorge brilliantly recreates past eras and bygone civilizationsSharon Kay Penman author of A Kings Ransom A wonderful novel from the riveting first scene to the breathtaking finale Jennifer Chiaverini New York Times bestselling author of Fates and Traitorsand MrsLincolns Dressmaker Wow Margaret Georgethe reigning ueen of historical fictionis back with this epic saga that vividly re imagines the life of young Nero in all its operatic dramatic gloryStephanie Dray New York Timesbestselling author of Lily of the Nile Margaret George has an incredible talent in that she can stand in the shoes of her protagonist and speak in his or her voiceBarbara Taylor Bradford author of The Cavendon Luck and A Woman Of Substan.

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READ The Confessions of Young Nero DOWNLOAD ☆ The Confessions of Young Nero READ & DOWNLOAD Î INSPIRECONSULTING.CO.ZA Ý Margaret George This excerpt is from an advance uncorrected copy proof Copyright Margaret GeorgeChapter ILocustaThis is not the first time I have been imprisoned So I am hopeful that this is a sham and that the new emperor Galba will soon need my uniue services and uietly send for me and once again I shall be treading the palace halls I feel at home there and why shouldnt I I have provided my timely services for those in power for many yearsBy trade I am a poisoner There why not say it And not any old poisoner but the acknowledged expert and leader in my profession So many others want to be another Locusta another me So I founded an academy to pass on my knowledge and train the next generation for Rome will always be in need of poisoners I should lament that should say what a pity that Rome must descend to that but that would be hypocritical of me Besides I am not convinced that poison is not the best way to die Think of all the other ways a person may die at the hands of Rome being torn by beasts in the arena being strangled in the Tullianum prison and most insipid of all being ordered to open your veins and bleed yourself to death like a sacrificial animal Bah Give me a good poison anytime Did not Cleopatra embrace the asp and its poison leaving her beautiful and stretched out upon her couch I first met the late emperor Nero when he was still a child still Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus the name he was born with I saw him at the low point in his life when he was an abandoned child at the mercy of his uncle Caligula Now that was someone who gave me a lively string of business His father was dead his mother Agrippina had been banished when he was not even three years old and his uncle liked to toy with himI remember he was a likable childwell he remained likable all his life it was a giftbut timorous Many things frightened him especially loud noises and being sent for unexpectedly Caligula had a habit of thatsending for people in the middle of the night He once forced me to watch a nocturnal theatrical performan.

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