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SUMMARY ´ Recognizing Wrongs The law of torts contributes to the maintenance of a just polity Recognizing Wrongs aims to unseat both the leading philosophical theory of tort lawcorrective justice theoryand the approaches favored by the law and economics movement It also sheds new light on central figures of American jurisprudence including former Supreme Court Justices Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr and Benjamin Cardozo In the process it addresses hotly contested contemporary issues in the law of damages defamation malpractice mass torts and products liability.

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SUMMARY ´ Recognizing Wrongs Two preeminent legal scholars explain what tort law is all about and why it matters and describe their own view of torts philosophical basis civil recourse theoryTort law is badly misunderstood In the popular imagination it is Robin Hood law Law professors meanwhile mostly dismiss it as an archaic inefficient way to compensate victims and incentivize safety precautions In Recognizing Wrongs John Goldberg and Benjamin Zipursky explain the distinctive and important role that tort law plays in our legal system it defines injuriou.

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SUMMARY ´ Recognizing Wrongs S wrongs and provides victims with the power to respond to those wrongs civillyTort law rests on a basic and powerful ideal a person who has been mistreated by another in a manner that the law forbids is entitled to an avenue of civil recourse against the wrongdoer Through tort law government fulfills its political obligation to provide this law of wrongs and redress In Recognizing Wrongs Goldberg and Zipursky systematically explain how their civil recourse conception makes sense of tort doctrine and captures the ways in which.

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  • 02 May 2020
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