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Summary ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Paul Howarth Paul Howarth ✓ 0 Download Free download Only Killers and Thieves ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nd his brother Billy return home to discover a devastating tragedy Distraught and eager for revenge the young men set out in search of the perpetrators They are soon forced to seek help from their ruthless neighbour John Sullivan and the ue. What a tremendous novel this turned out to be It s set in ueensland Australia and mainly refers to a period during 1885 I spent nearly eight years living working and travelling around Australia For most of that time I lived in remote outback areas and I m actually very familiar with the territory this author so elouently captures in this novel For me it was just like being back there only vicariously from the comfort of my own armchairPaul Howarth covers some serious topics in Only Killers and Thieves and I think he does a fine job of describing the hardships of farmers in that particular area of ueensland especially in regards to the droughts that often go on for several years He also deals with the psychological implications of living in desolate regions together with the lawlessness that existed during those times The author deserves to be applauded for highlighting the plight of aborigines during that difficult period when settlers were removing them from lands they had lived on for several thousand years This part of the tale is particularly harrowing and clearly demonstrates the ignorance and cruelty that existed in those times I m sad to say that much of the racism and lack of respect for aborigines still existed when I first emigrated to Australia in 1975 I know because I witnessed it first hand In contrast its great to see that in recent times the indigenous people have been recognised and great efforts have been made to resolve some of their complex issues Great strides have also been made in regard to helping them to retain their cultural identityThis is a serious novel and one where the reader shouldn t expect there to be much humour because there honestly isn t much in evidence However what you do get is a finely written piece of literature that rattles along at a fair old pace and certainly kept me avidly turning those pages To me it had such an air of authenticity to it that at times it was so easy to forget that this is work of fiction I was thoroughly captivated by this Australian tale The author has put together a solid gripping extremely well written story Unlike so many novels these day this one didn t suffer from any padding out and it had what was for me a very satisfying conclusion This was Paul Howarth s debut novel so it ll be interesting to see what he comes up with next hopefully he ll write another gem like this one Anyway thanks for reading my review it s been my pleasure to write it and I hope you have found it of use

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Summary ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Paul Howarth Paul Howarth ✓ 0 Download Free download Only Killers and Thieves ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ensland Native Police an armed militia infamous for hunting down Indigenous Australians The retribution that follows will embroil the brothers in a heartbreaking injustice uniting them in a battle for survival and forever tearing them apart. It s been a long long time since a book completely held mein a vice like grip but Paul Howarth s masterpiece succeededwith the minimum of effortWe follow two young brothers in the ueensland outback victimsof a great tragedy bent on revenge encouraged by the dark forcesof humanity to ride out in search of a false justiceFor the first time in ages if ever I found myself right there as if inthe story myself witnessing every cuss and spit every evil perpetratedevery heartbreak of dire conscience that young Tommy is haunted byThis uncanny feeling of being there living the tragedies is testamentto the ease of reading the utter skill of the author s styleWhatever you do go and buy this bookIf you can t afford it go mortgage your house and damn well make surethat you do embrace this masterclass for fear that you might miss itThere s a mighty gulf in my tiny little life the fact that I ve finished readingthis book

Summary ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Paul Howarth

Summary ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Paul Howarth Paul Howarth ✓ 0 Download Free download Only Killers and Thieves ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Book of the Year in The Times An com Best Book of 2018 'A gripping and vivid novelremarkable' John Boyne A story of two brothers on a trail of revenge ueensland 1885 It is a scorching day in Australia's deserted outback when Tommy McBride a. Even were this not Paul Howarth s first novel it would still deserve the highest praise It held me totally gripped by the action the interrelationship of the characters the moral and emotional issues the novel raises and very much Although Howarth uses a third person narrative it is through the eyes and sensibility of the younger brother Tommy that we are drawn so closely into events Each of the characters is sharply defined not only by what they do as by their manner of speech as well as descriptions of their physical attitudes Beyond the people who are at the heart of the action lies the vast remoter areas of ueensland and its small towns fortified by suspicion and prejudice and the harsh realities of an unpredictable climate and the constant threat of impoverishment The terrain is graphically and concretely a brooding presence throughout the novel almost another characterIt is scarcely surprising in this hard begrudging world there are few who are privileged to hold any higher ethical values It is all the surprising that a young boy in his mid teens carries the weight of moral conscience though even he cannot escape the circumstantial pressures that increasingly close around him Sullivan and his monkey Raymond Locke are uncompromisingly brutish sly and will stop at nothing to achieve their aims and give full rein to their most vindictive instincts Inspector Noone of the ueensland Native Police is an even darker but complex character a philosopher who is highly intelligent while using the Bible he can uote fluently from to wipe his backsideThe book has its antecedents Most strikingly among them is one of the finest American novels of this or any age Cormac McCarthy s Blood Meridian The nihilistic Noone has strong associations with the Judge in McCarthy s novel Sullivan can be linked with Glanton and the two boys mirror the boys both in Blood Meridian and in All the Pretty Horses and the other two books in The Border Trilogy there are other similarities and connections but his is not really the place to explore themHowarth s stance on the issue of the native people and the drive to extinguish their presence could easily lapse into stock attitudes and sentimentality It is greatly to his credit that he can focus attention on the essentials of human dignity and yet avoid these pitfalls I have said little of the plot and its twists and turns I have no wish to spoil the novel for new readers However Howarth handles the pacing and intricacy of his story with great maturity I think the book a fine achievement and look forward to what follows in its wake