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  • 15 February 2020
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Summary ✓ Corrupt Judges í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB RyThe story tells how Target a national chain of stores would do anything to protect their reputation Including hiring attorneys that would do what ever it took for their client; to may sure they didnt loose the lawsuit against them How Target and two distributors of prescription drugs who are also connected with the lawsuit would keep the health of a person in jeopardy rather than admit their mistake The story shows how consumers of prescription drugs can be in jeopardy when purchasing prescription medication How pharmacies and distributors of drugs at times areconcerned about their profits rather than consumers health How companies selling prescription drugs have no control over the drugs they sellThe story will show that Due Process of a fair and honest trial by a jury as the 14th amendment to the Constitution calls for is becoming a thing of t.

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Summary ✓ Corrupt Judges í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB He past The story shows how judges ignore the rules of the courts and make rules that conform to their way of thinking rather than what the rules say How court judges expand laws and rules to fit their desires How judges violate court rules and there is no one to uestion their actions How Judges do as they please and control the lives of everyone that comes before themThe story shows that people who want to represent themselves as their own lawyer in a lawsuit has no chance in a court of law How judges dislike and take advantage of those who represents themselves How judges on all levels of justice do what they feel like doing forgetting their duty to citizens How judges protect other judges regardless of what wrong the judge has doneThis story shows that corruption in the court justice system is leading the way in the deterioration of our country.

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Summary ✓ Corrupt Judges í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB This is a true story about a lawsuit that was filed in a Federal Court against one of Americas largest chain stores that sells prescription drugs and the wild ride that took place by the store and two judges involved in the case The story is about illegal drugsdispensed by a pharmacy in filling a prescription The illegal drugs injured the writer of this book The story is about the two judges that were involved in the case that turned out to be corrupt judges The story shows that danger lurks in prescription drugs in America and some dont care The story consists mostly of actual court documents that were created throughout the case The documents demonstrate that the justice system in America can be and is manipulated by corrupt judges The lawsuit shows that there is a corrupt justice system in America that has no feelings for citizens of this count.