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Aspergers in Love review ✓ 105 Partners viewpoints this book frankly examines the fundamental aspects of relationships that are often complicated by the disorder With all findings illustrated with case examples taken from interviews conducted with couples the author tackles issues such as attraction trust communication sex and intim.

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Aspergers in Love review ✓ 105 Asperger syndrome AS has often been considered to be incompatible with love and relationships but as the number of people who are diagnosed with the disorder increases it is becoming apparent that people with AS can and do have full and intimate relationships Comparing and contrasting both AS and non AS.

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Aspergers in Love review ✓ 105 Acy and parenting Drawing on her extensive research and established career as a Relate counsellor Maxine Aston has produced a much needed analysis of intimate relationships where one adult has AS and this book is a must for all those with AS and their partners as well as for friends family and counsello.

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